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Playlist 5/04/06

1. jonny l underwater communication [xl recordings]
2. jonny l moving thru air [xl recordings ]
3. jonny l wish u had something [xl recordings]
4. jonny l wish u had something (jonny l remix) [xl recordings ]
5. jonny l piper [xl recordings ]
6. jonny l moving thru air (optical remix) [xl recordings ]
7. the prodigy smack my bitch up (jonny l remix) [xl recordings ]
8. jonny l see red [xl recordings ]
9. jonny l trouble [pirahna ]
10. jonny l cut off [pirahna ]
11. jonny l spike [pirahna ]
12. jonny l airwaves [pirahna ]
13. mr.l hey [mr.l recordings ]
14. jonny l i want you [xl recordings ]
15. jonny l tychonic cycle [xl recordings ]
16. jonny l two of us (photek remix) [xl recordings ]
17. jonny l in vain [xl recordings ]
18. jonny l dirt [pirahna ]
19. mr.l turn up the bass [mr.l recordings ]
20. jonny l i let u [xl recordings]

Today's episode sees Motive focusing the entire show to legendary drum&bass producer - Jonny L. One of the longest lasting players in dance music and drum&bass, Jonny L has also been one of the most consistently innovative. His trademark style is loud, punchy stepping drums, filled with tiny edits & reverses - stepping over short & defined basslines, haunting sci-fi atmospheres and samples. Whilst you could apply those definitions to a hundred other D&B producers, Jonny L makes such a combination sound truly unique. The show today rolls out some of his classic dancefloor moments, mixed in with a few lesser known remixes and album cuts - displaying some of the range of Mr L.

"Airwaves... loud n clear on your airwaves". More info :


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