All dub / reggae styles,from vintage sweeties through to fresh outernationals, concious heavy and crucial sounds...

Playlist 5/04/06

1. Keith Hudson Turn the heater on [Atta]
2. Little Roy Tribal War [Pressure Sounds]
3. Lee Perry Kaya Dub
4. Bitty McClean Walk away from love [Pickings]
5. John Holt For the love of you [blood and fire]
6. Dobby Dobson Endlessly [JCPS]
7. Phylliss Dylon Right Track [Treasure Isle]
8. Max Romeo Selassie I Forever [Charmax]
9. Mafia & fluxy Dubwise [Gussie P]
10. Mafia & fluxy Moses Dub [Dubwax]
11. Bitty McClean Lover Call [Peckings]
12. Cedric 'Im Brooks Picture on the wall [Studio One]
13. Natural Ites Picture on the wall [Realistics]
14. Al Campbell Keep moving [Greensleeves]

nice and easy, warm and lovely

this one is for you & yours,

my love


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