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Playlist 29/11/12

1. Menagerie The Chosen [Tru Thoughts]
2. Menagerie Leroy and The Lion [Tru Thoughts]
3. Mo Kolour Brave [Hand]
4. Hiatus Kaiyote The World It Softly Lulls (Amin Payne Remix) [Wax Poetics]
5. Hiatus Kaiyote Malika (Mark de Clive Lowe Remix) [Wax Poetics]
6. Lawaetz This Is For The Women [Compost Black]
7. Wriggly Scott feat. Feras Ibrahim & Hamdan Al Abri Back and Forth [Wonderwheel Recordings]
8. Hyleen Gil Just A Smile [CDR]
9. Alice Russell Heartbreaker [Tru Thoughts]
10. Punch 2 The Bees (Re Bop Edit) [CDR]
11. Truenoys We Been Waiting [Lovemonk]
12. Monkey Robot Northern Lights [Bastard Jazz]
13. Falty DL Straight Arrow (Gold Panda Remix) [Zen]
14. Bosq Dem Know feat. Kaleta [Ubiquity]
15. Cumbia Cosmonauts Radio Africa feat. Tshila (Galambo Remix) [Chusma Records]

This weeks show is bought to you by the first strong northerly wind of summer, which always brings with it the heat of the desert. So I thought it suitable to pull out some new releases (and lots of them) from all over the world, but with a focus on projects developed in the petrie dish of Melbourne.
Menagerie, Hiatus Kaiyote and Cumbia Cosmonauts all deservedly feature on this week's Inside Vibe, to show a great diversity of music that is being created and played out live in the tiny outpost in the far south we call Melbourne.

Enjoy the rest of the show as well with a bag of eclectic releases from all over the globe from things I have been sent, to things I have scouted out in records shops or on bandcamp.

Feels like the first show of summer!!



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