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Playlist 039: 29/11/12 Austin Peralta Tribute

1. Austin Peralta "Introduction: The Lotus Flower" [(Brainfeeder)]
2. The Cinematic Orchestra "Lapis" [(Ninja Tune)]
3. Amon Tobin "Bedtime Stories" (Austin Peralta Reinterpretation) [(Ninja Tune)]
4. Thundercat featuring Flying Lotus & Austin Peralta "$200 TB" [(Unreleased)]
5. Teebs featuring Austin Peralta "LSP" [(Brainfeeder)]
6. Austin Peralta "Epilogue: Renaissance Bubbles" [(Brainfeeder)]
7. Austin Peralta "Space Loneliness #2" [(All City Records)]
8. Strangeloop "Ghostlines" [(Brainfeeder)]
9. Austin Peralta "Algiers" [(Brainfeeder)]
10. Daedelus featuring Austin Peralta "Looking Ocean" [(Scion Audio/Visual)]
11. The Cinematic Orchestra "Lilac Wine" [(Dr. Martens)]
12. Austin Peralta "Ode To Love" [(Brainfeeder)]
13. Austin Peralta "Passion Dance" [(Eighty Eight's)]
14. Flying Lotus "All The Secrets" [(Warp Records)]
15. Flying Lotus "DMT" [(Warp Records)]
16. Thundercat "For Love (I Come Your Friend)" [(Brainfeeder)]
17. Flying Lotus "Mmmhmm" [(Warp Records)]
18. Shafiq Husayn "Love Still Hurts" [(Plug Research)]
19. Octavius Womack featuring Austin Peralta "Superstar" [(SteamyintheCity)]


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