A show hosted by Dj Mr Lob based on funk, soul, hip hop, jazz, latin and reggae beats both old and new. Going out fortnightly.

Playlist Episode 7: End of Year Show

1. Blue Buttonz Fresh [bandcamp.com]
2. Mighty Duke and The Lords Big Bamboo [facebook.com]
3. The Jazz Jousters Take Five [bandcamp.com]
4. Alabama Shakes Hold On [ATO Records]
5. Stereo Action Umlimited Hi Fi Trumpet (Boyz From Brazil Remix) [Iya Basta Records]
6. Florelie Escano The Liberating Kind [bandcamp.com]
7. Pete Rock Pete's Jazz [BBE Records]
8. Might Duke and The Lords Mufridite [facebook.com]
9. J Dilla Let's Pray Together (ft Amp Fiddler) [Ruff Draft Records]
10. Kylie Auldist Nothing Else To Beat Me [Tru Thoughts]
11. Gadget Heart and Soul (For Brubeck) [bandcamp.com]
12. Millie Jackson I Am Somebody(Motion Control Edit) [soundcloud.com]
13. Jaze Baqti Lonesome Journey [bandcamp.com]
14. Jaze Baqti Les Fleurs [soundcloud.com]
15. Alice Russell Heartbreaker (Fatty DL Remix) [Tru thoughts]
16. Ondatropica 3 Reyes De La Terapia [Soundway]
17. Tim Armstrong Hold On [Hellcat Records]
18. Mighty Duke and The Lords Trouble [facebook.com]
19. Brenda Boykin Hard Swing Travelling Man (Panama Cardoon Remix [Resense]
20. Palov and Panama Cardoon En Orbita [Resense]
21. Ramsey Hercules Mama Soul [soundcloud.com]
22. Mr Symarip The Skinheads Dem A Come [Jump Up Records]
23. Tom Showtime Lose Control [soundcloud.com]
24. Roy Ayers Aragon [Motown]
25. Calaminus Nasty [soundcloud.com]
26. Florelie Escano Moody Blues (Grant Phabao Remix) [bandcamp.com]
27. Black Uhuru Sensimila (Agent 86 Dj Edit) [soundlcoud.com]

This Show was all about trying to squeeze in some of my favourite artists and producers from the past year and especially the past 7 shows. An impossibility really, but nonetheless there is new tracks from Alice Russell, Kylie Auldist, Gadget, Jaze Baqti, The Jazz Jousters, Calaminus, Florelie Escano, Boyz From Brazil and Mighty Duke and The Lords, alongside some classics from Symarip, Pete Rock and Roy Ayers.

Was a fun show to put together and do and I hope you enjoy it to!

Please let me know what you think by commenting.

Enjoy and Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!!

Dj Mr Lob

PS: I had some sound issues in places with my new microphone feeding back, but not enough to do it all over again.


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