Blair aka brother b likes to keep it fresh! Diggin'out rarities from his extensive collection to laying down his idea of groove!

Playlist 6/04/06

1. War Gypsy Man (Live at the Congressional Black Congress) [Chess]
2. Donny Hathaway What's goin' on? [Atlantic]
3. Michael Franti Oh my God [Boo Boo Wax]
4. Fat Freddys Drop Ray Ray [The Drop]
5. Quannum feat. The Lost Poets I changed my mind [Quannum]
6. Will Saul feat. Ursula Rucker Tic Toc (Swayzak Remix) [!K7]
7. Quantic Tell it like you mean it [ Tru Thoughts]
8. Diesler Charmed (A-capella version) [Tru Thoughts]
9. Greyboy feat.Bart Davenport To know you is to love you [Ubiquity]
10. Jenna G Soundcheck [Bingo Beats]
12. Special Edit- Gary McFarland 80 Miles an hour through beer can country [Skye]

A rather strange few weeks behind me with cyclones and all. Seeing how people really are under disaster situations has given me a new impetus and faith in humanity, what a site to see people stand up and help strangers and neighbours alike. So I have dragged out some uplifting, questioning, spiritual numbers as well as the usual new releases. A track off the new Swayzak remixes double; by far one of the most interesting I have heard for a long long time. The first ever Drum & Bass number on Constant Time with a kooky little ditty from Jenna G (I usually leave this sort of this for Motive and his Radio Terrain show but what the hell...). Stick around after this pumped up dance number as I have finished my show with an old number off Gary McFarland Suite for the environment. Rather fitting considering I just witnessed what the result of all our environental fuck ups can be up in the north.

Peace to all and blessings to the north!!


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