A show hosted by Dj Mr Lob based on funk, soul, hip hop, jazz, latin and reggae beats both old and new. Going out fortnightly.

Playlist Episode 8

1. Diligent Fingers Beat Inn Chop [soundcloud.com]
2. B3NBi Facebook Link [bandcamp.com]
3. B3NBi Have A Little Faith Clip [bandcamp.com]
4. Blue Buttonz The Whole Planet [bandcamp.com]
5. Martha High And Speedometer Id Rather Go Blind [Freestyle Records]
6. My Therapist Get Up To Hip Hop [soundcloud.com]
7. Ingvar Regentanz [soundcloud.com]
8. Swerve Pay Day No Idea (Volume 1) [soundcloud.com]
9. Gadget Definition Of Ill (Gadget Remix Instrumental) [bandcamp.com]
10. Jessica Lauren Four The Name Of Fela Will Always Stand For Freedom [Freestyle Records]
11. Menahan Street Band Ivory And Blue [Dunham]
12. Rongetz Foundation Ft Gregory Porter Gogo Soul (Guts Remix) [Heavenly Sweetness]
13. Bones The Beat Head Roach's Approach [bandcamp.com]
14. Calaminus The Road To Groove [soundcloud.com]
15. Gadget Mr. Jack [bandcamp.com]
16. Q-Tip Gettin Up [Motown]
17. The Underwolves So Blue It's Black (Heavy Manners Remix) [Jazzanova Compost Records]
18. Jaze Baqti And Writer Jones Think Allowed (Pun Intended) [bandcamp.com]
19. Jaze Baqti And Writer Jones Wake Me When Im Free [bandcamp.com]
20. The Specialists Blow Ya Nose Chump [bandcamp.com]
21. Clairy Browne And The Bangin Racketts Walk Of Shame [Northside Records]
22. Sugarman 3 Rudys Intervention [Daptone]
23. Markyd On The Street [soundcloud.com]
24. The Soul Jazz Orchestra Conquering Lion [Strut Records]
25. El Bomba Diestro [soundcloud.com]
26. Napz/Mr Strom Le Frelon Vert [Innvision Records]

First up, Happy New Year!! Wherever you are or were I hope you had a great one!

It's great to be back with Episode 8 of The Black Heat Radio Show and so much great music has dropped since my last show in mid December.

In this show I feature new releases from Gadget, Jaze Baqti and Writer Jones, Calaminus, Martha High and Speedometer, Jessica Lauren Four, Blue Buttonz, B3NBi, The Menahan Street Band, Sugarman 3 and The Underwolves amongst others.

Hope you enjoy the show and be sure to seek out these artists and purchase their music and let em know what you think.

Dj Mr Lob

PS: I apologise to the artist B3NBi for misspelling his name during the show!


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