A show hosted by Dj Mr Lob based on funk, soul, hip hop, jazz, latin and reggae beats both old and new. Going out fortnightly.

Playlist Episode 10

1. Mr Lob Black Heat Intro
2. SmokedBeat A Manha (Si Deus Quiser) [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
3. Eric Jackson & Mr Moods Inspiration [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
4. B 3 N B i Earlee Birdee (Artifacts Mash-Up) [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
5. Bones The Beat Head Paper Bags [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
6. Blue Buttonz A Jazz Jousters Dedication Pt l [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
7. Mr Moods ft. MarLikNun Blue, Green [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
8. B Ramsey (of The Specialists Milt Is Hip Hop [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
9. Dj Mentos A Groove for Bags [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
10. Blue Buttonz A Few Minutes Before Midnight [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
11. Es-K Trippin' With Roach [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
12. Awakening Dawn & Diligent Fingers Liberty [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
13. RickMal See Some Light [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
14. B 3 N B i Krustallos [Prod. The Jazz Jousters] [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
15. Blue Buttonz Tonight - The Dave Brubeck Tribute [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
16. Es-K So Much More [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
17. Joe Davis Keep It Real [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
18. Gadget, Deeflux, Slugga Tee & Awakening Dawn - Produced by Ske Dear Deidre [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
19. Slim The Chemist Fly High - The Jazz Jousters Brubeck Special [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
20. FloFilz Travel Lodge [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
21. Gadget TekNo Prisoner [ Only You Chop ] [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
22. Slugga Tee Love & Hate [Produced by Gadget [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
23. Dyversity Jazz - The Jazz Jousters Brubeck Special [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
24. Gadget Manha de Ausencia [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
25. Bones The Beat Head Sample Substitution [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
26. Gadget ft Emma Louise & Awakening Dawn Come Go [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
27. Jaze Baqti Lonesome Journey [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
28. Skinnista Skinnista [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
29. The Specialists 10 Year Locousts [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
30. Awakening Dawn, Slugga Tee, Gadget & Louis Unseen Band Concept [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
31. Donald Byrd Black Jack [Blue Note]
32. Wriggly Scott More Green [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
33. Elyon Just a Dream [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
34. Gadget - Produced by Louis Unseen Inspiration [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
35. Joey G-zus, Gadget, Slugga Tee, EdXL, Baron Samedi & DJ Illas Bleep Cypher [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]

This show is dedicated to and all about the international collective of producers, rappers and djs known as The Jazz Jousters on the Millennium Jazz Label out of London. These guys and gals are nothing but prolific beat makers to say the least.

I have been inspired by these guys to dig deeper into the history of jazz and discovered for the first time some jazz legends of the past, which I just can't get enough of.

Even though I have pretty much featured these guys in every show to date, they are continuously releasing so much music that I had a backlog of their tracks and productions to get through, so what better way to do it, than with a whole show dedicated to playing catch up!

I hope you guys like it, let a bro know what you think huh...

Dj Mr Lob

Download Link: http://blackcaesarevents.com/blackheatradioshow.html


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