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Playlist 21/02/13

1. Ross McHenry Future Ensemble Intercosmos [CDR]
2. Ross McHenry Future Ensemble Prayer [CDR]
3. Silent Jay Blossom Dance feat. Kirkis [CDR]
4. La Melodia Spaced Out [CDR]
5. Hidden Orchestra Fourth Wall [Tru Thoughts]
6. Mark de Clive Lowe feat. Nia Andrews Hooligans [Tru Thoughts]
7. Mo Kolours Brave [Dredd Music]
8. FaltyDL Straightup & Arrow (Gold Panda Remix) [Ninja Tune]
9. Emile Nana Like You [Compost Black]
10. Classic VIV & Lawaetz This Is For The Women [Compost Black]
11. Dead Capo Sunny Garcia [Lovemonk]
12. Greater Davis I'll Play The Blues For You [Ubiquity]
13. Pyramid Blue La Oportunidad [Love Monk]
14. Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers Do Whatever Makes You Feel Hot [Record Kicks]
15. Bosq feat. Kaleta Dem Know [Ubiquity]
16. Peter King Ko Dara [??]
17. Essemon Moupoh Guehi Jean Et Son Ensemble [??]
18. Buari Karam Bani [??]

Do you know what I just realised. I haven't done a mix since i got back from my holidays at the beach. Apologies, I have been on tour with Osaka Monaurail and Chikashi Nishiwaki then got caught up with family and work and music music music.

There is so much music to get through. Inside Vibe is back for 2013.

It starts off all cosmic love jazz with some great tunes from a new project from Shaolin Afronaut's bass player Ross McHenry, together with Mark de Clive Lowe (Tru Thoughts/NZ) and Myele Manzanza (the drummer from Electric Wire Hustle). This project has been commissioned by the Adelaide Arts Festival and will then tour the East Coast. It is followed up by probably Melbourne's most incredible beats producer SILENT JAY together with bass player Kirkis (catch his live fusion acid quartet around town!! I dare you!). We then head further into some colourful ambient jazzed out electro and finally arrive at some great releases from Compost Black Label. A journey!!

Then we get funky!! Check out the playlist there is a lot of great get downs. Finally arriving at the mother land and some tunes that I got turned onto my DJ MURO off one of his Afro mix tapes.

Trust you will enjoy.

peace and love


As far as I know, I am not a robot.

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