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Playlist 10/05/13

1. Miguel Atwood Ferguson Ensemble feat. Coco O. (Quadron) A Song For You [ArtDontSleep]
2. Hozan Yamamoto Ina Bushi
3. Billy Hoyle Rework – Os Afro - Sambas Tempo De Amor [Billy Hoyle]
4. Billy Hoyle Rework – Os Afro - Sambas Lamento De Exu [Billy Hoyle]
5. Kobo Town The Call [Cumbancha]
6. Substantial Shit On My Lawn (Instrumental prod. Oddisee) [Mello]
7. Harleighblu Enough Now [Tru Thoughts]
8. Jesse Futerman One For Dan Zacks [CDR]
9. Record Kicks 10th Anniversary Special
10. The Hawk feat. Little Hannah Collins Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover [Record Kicks]
11. Gizelle Smith June (TM Juke Remix) [Record Kicks]
12. The Link Quartet feat. Eddie Roberts Spider Baby [Record Kicks]
13. Milano Jazz Dance Combo feat. Red Colonel Much More [Record Kicks]
14. Third Coast Kings Zojoji Blackbird [Record Kicks]
15. Record Kicks 10th Anniversary Special End
16. Ikabe Shakedown Road Song [Ubiquity Records]
17. The Nuyorican Express Nic2Birilli Clap Your Hands Remix [Wonderwheel Recordings]
18. Myele Manzanza On The Move [BBE]
19. Pablo Sanchez Out and About (Opolopo Dub) [Lovemonk]

A transcendental mix of music this week.
Japanese jazz cat Hozan Yamamoto picks up the pieces dropped by the first tune from the Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble and Coco O. Local producer, no stranger to Melbourne, Billy Hoyle treats us with yet another superb reworking of Brazilian classic from Baden Powell.

I thought it fitting to give a huge nod to the 10th Anniversary of Record Kicks, a label that has in the past 10 years continued to put out the right tunes. Huge respect on them.

And this of course leads us into a shakedown to exit with.



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