A show hosted by Dj Mr Lob based on funk, soul, hip hop, jazz, latin and reggae beats both old and new. Going out fortnightly.

Playlist Episode 13

1. Black Heat Intro Mr Lob [Mr Lob]
2. Blue Buttonz A Chopped Up Theme From Hotel [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
3. Gadget Furious Style [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
4. B3NBi Monster [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
5. Es-K Can We Bring The Lights Down [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
6. Lady Habit [Truth and Soul]
7. Bloody Tadi Slowdown [Cold Busted]
8. JL Beatz and Writer Jones In The Key of JL [thetreatment.bandcamp.com]
9. Seeking Shaler and Gadget Femme Fatale [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
10. Flofilz Gitdown (The Artifacts -C'Mon With The Gitdown Remix) [soundcloud.com/flofills]
11. Rick Mal There's Only One [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
12. The Rongetz Foundation Cimmerian Hips [Heavanly Sweetness]
13. The Specialists Glad To Meet You [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
14. JL Beatz and Writer Jones Scripted Blame [thetreatment.bandcamp.com]
15. Bones The Beat Head Through The Window [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
16. Decades The Dukes of Jazz [soundcloud.com/decades]
17. Lady Tell The Truth [Truth and Soul]
18. LoopMafia Summer Snow [Cold Busted]
19. Analog Players Society Coule 'Ba [analogplayerssociety.bandcamp.com]
20. Jaze Baqti Hunt Up The Vibe [soundcloud.com/jaze-baqti]
21. Gadget A Heads Up for Ivan [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
22. Flofilz Sippin (The Liks - The Next Level Remix) [soundcloud.com/flofills]
23. K-Def ft. Seven Shawn of World Renown Exhibit 2A [soundcloud.com/kdef]
24. Stay Classy Thought Lines [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
25. The Gene Dudley Group The New Lots of Cooperstown [Wah Wah 45s]
26. Dandy Teru ft. Rita J Wake Up Now [Ubiquity]
27. Gadget Everybody Loves The Sunshine [millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com]
28. Jaze Baqti Strasbourg Twister [soundcloud.com/jaze-baqti]
29. My Therapist Skylarkin Twinz [soundcloud.com/mytherapist]
30. Cutty Ranks and General Levy Weh Dem a Watch We For (Bluntskull Remix) [soundcloud.com/bluntskull]
31. Mister T Afro Fillings [Cold Busted]
32. Mister T Sweep [Cold Busted]
33. El Bomba Ripe Cherries (2012 Edit) [soundcloud.com/el_bomba]
34. Nickodemus The Nuyorican Express (Nic2Birilli Clap Your Hands Remix) [soundcloud.com]

Welcome to Episode 13 of the The Black Heat Radio Show!!

This show features 33 new tracks from artists such as The Jazz Jousters, Gadget, Lady, The Rongetz Foundation, Mister T, Flofilz, JL Beatz and Writer Jones, Bones The Beat Head, Jaze Baqti, Analog Players Society, The Gene Dudley Group, Dandy Teru, Nickodemus, El Bomba and K-Def amongst a host of others.

Turn it up, sit back, relax and float away on this 2 hour show of head nodders and funkee ass shaking delights!

Let a bro know what you think?

Mr Lob

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