A show hosted by Dj Mr Lob based on funk, soul, hip hop, jazz, latin and reggae beats both old and new. Going out fortnightly.

Playlist Episode 14

1. Sixfingerz Long Way From Home [Cold Busted]
2. Columbia Nights All In [Record Breakin]
3. Art Farmer Soul Sides [Groove Merchant]
4. Mr Moods Deck In The Halls [Millennium Jazz]
5. B3BNi Time Flies (Thank You) [Millennium Jazz]
6. Dj Mentos Invasion [Dusted Wax]
7. Hackney Colliery Band Inner City Life [Wah Wah 45s]
8. Omar The Man [Freestyle Records]
9. RickMal Tributary [Millennium Jazz]
10. Stay Classy Jousters I Salute You [Millennium Jazz]
11. Dj Mentos Enter The Hallway [Millennium Jazz]
12. Dj Sapien Music For The People [Pragmatic Theory]
13. K-Def Sitting At The Crib Pondering [Soundcloud]
14. Bones The Beat Head Late Afternoon [Millennium Jazz]
15. Bones The Beat Head Jaunty Vibes [Millennium Jazz]
16. L.A.M.P Springtime [Bama Love Soul]
17. Priest and Jaze Baqti Last Light [Soundcloud]
18. Rythmatical 1 Step Beyond You [rythmatical.bandcamp.com]
19. Daru Jones Honey [Rusic Records]
20. Diligent Finger A Love So Sweet [Millennium Jazz]
21. Dj Mentos Abstract Reality [Dusted Wax]
22. Tek 9 We Gettin’ Down [SSR Records]
23. Jaze Baqti Jazz Mess [Millennium Jazz]
24. Imperial Zone Out ft. KINETIK [Illect Recordings]
25. Poldoore In Your Head [Pragmatic Theory]
26. Slim The Chemist Detroit Afternoon [Soundcloud]
27. Slum Village Get This Money (Robot Orchestra Remix) [Soundcloud]
28. The Gene Dudley Group The Fawcett Negotiation [Wah Wah 45s]
29. Dj Nu Mark Lay Em Low ft Main and NY OIL [Soundcloud]
30. Gadget and Lady Paradox Milestone [Millennium Jazz]
31. Raymon Lazer Trio Lola [Soundcloud]
32. Monica Dockery New Day Remix ft. The Names Millen [Soundcloud]
33. See-I Soul Hit Man [Fort Knox]
34. Grant Phabao and Afrodyete I Got To Be Free [Paris Djs]
35. The Lions This Generation ft. Malik Moore and Black Shakespeare [Stones Throw]
36. The Kerbside Collection Red Stripe [Legere Recordings]

Welcome to Episode 14 of The Black Heat Radio Show!!!

It has been a long time between shows as I have just become a new father and this seems to be taking up all my time.

This show is dedicated to my new son, Jeremiah Curtis and my lovely wife Audrey.

This show is also a celebration of 1 year of The Jazz Jousters releases, with their anniversary set 'Milestones' heavily featured alongside new tracks by Omar, The Gene Dudley Group, The Hackney Colliery Band, Dj Mentos, Grant Phabao, The Lions, See-I, The Kerbside Collection amongst a host of other fine artists and producers.

It was a pleasure doing this episode and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did seeking out and presenting this music to you all. Please feel free to share this with anyone you now who might be interested and I welcome comments!

Dj Mr Lob


As far as I know, I am not a robot.