A show hosted by Dj Mr Lob based on funk, soul, hip hop, jazz, latin and reggae beats both old and new. Going out fortnightly.

Playlist Episode 15

1. Jesse Futerman For My Parents feat. Jon Foster
2. K-Def Give Some Good Ole Soul Love
3. Floyd Cheung Pain
4. Kenny Keys The Neon Brown Sound
5. Mr. Moods & Erik Jackson Mirrors
6. DJ Day Land Of 1000 Chances
7. DJ Day Boots In The Pool
8. Jurassic 5 Hey [ ]
9. Q-Tip & Raphael Saadiq We Fight We Love
10. Joe McDuphrey Experience Solar Waves
11. Kenny Keys Listen to Lonnie Space Love [ ]
12. Dandy Teru Fragile Things
13. Capella Never Question feat. Stacy Epps
14. Jag Harps Clairet Wax Finished
15. Dexter Pictures
16. Gil Scott Heron & Jamie xx My Cloud
17. Souleance Strongest Love
18. Suff Daddy Kicks
19. The Gene Dudley Group Learn To Jackpot [Teach To Jackpot]
20. Blundetto Nautilus (Dub version)
21. Thievery Corporation Feat. Sleepy Wonder Radio Retaliation
22. Border Crossing Dream On (ft Knati P)
23. Kool Keith DDT
24. Je$u$ C.R.E.A.M.
25. K-Def presents World Renown Long Gev
26. Soundsci Coastin
27. Raw Poetic Stealin Bread
28. Glad2Mecha & Ill Treats Gritty Digs ft. Cadence
29. Mass Influence Morning Breath Chasers
30. Funky DL So Sexy
31. Chikaramanga Life Like This
32. Glad2Mecha Jazz
33. Billa Qause Firefly in NY
34. DJ Mentos Abstract Reality

Welcome to Episode 15 of The Black Heat Radio Show with special guest host Dj Jimmy Mac from Perth, Western Australia. Jimmy has been one of the biggest followers of my show and we share a very similar taste in music and together we are also The Genre Creeps (you can find us on mixcloud!!). I am honoured to have Jimmy host the show and he has put together something real special with tracks from The Jazz Jousters, Dj Mentos, Blundetto, Dj Day, Dandy Teru and The Gene Dudley Group amongst a host of other fine selections.

Hope you enjoy the show and let me and Jimmy Mac know what you think...

Dj Mr Lob

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