Roots & future drum&bass. With a diverse selection from dancefloor fillers to dub rumblers - a show for the real Headz out there.

Playlist 19/04/06

1. basic operations garufina [soundtrax]
2. invaderz from my soul [i.t. recordings]
3. martyn share my wings [revolv:r]
4. the authors wood worm
5. henree one luv [soundtrax]
6. d-kay sunday morning [bingo]
7. motive search & rescue
8. concord dawn man 4 all seasons [uprising]
9. 2 cultures clash love guide [wall of sound]
10. motive & sean the curse
11. boozoo bajou take it slow (seiji mix) [studio !k7]
12. ghost clap trap
13. toasty angel [hot flush]
14. horsepower productions when you hold me [tempa]
15. wiley avalanche [xl]
16. platinum pied pipers now or never (feat. tiombe lockhart) [ubiquity]
17. brandy what about us instrumental [atlantic]
18. ooi weave

Well by all accounts Motive had a large weekend. So no surprises that this show is a little more mellow than normal. The show is split in two - the first half sees deep and rolling drum&bass being the focus, the second half is a mixture of broken beat, dubstep, wotdoucallit and ivegotnoidea. A few new pieces from Motive in the set - including the broken beat collaboration with fellow D&B DJ - Sean. Overall, this mix has Motive playing a relaxing show, designed to flatten out the post-weekend wrinkles.


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