The dance floor tracks you hear on "Spank Da Bass" are going to contain that sub sonic element, but it's the other kooky left field things that will amaze and stun you...

Playlist 19/04/06

1. doowutchyalike digital underground [ tommy boy music]
2. the humpty dance digital underground [ tommy boy music ]
3. beat this bomb the bass [ rhythm king]
4. it takes two rob base & e-z rock [ profile ]
5. brooklyn scraps deadly avenger [ illicit recordings]
6. cavern dj phantom [ mo-wax]
7. in coming hardcore m.a.n.i.c [ union city records]
8. owl indo tribe [ earthbeat music]
9. massif ramjac [ brainiak records]
10. slave to the rhythm grace jones [ island records]

In this edition of "Spank Da Bass" its Back the old skool..
A hop (hip) skip and a jump from 85 to 98 if you partied in any way in these years you will know most of what on offer here..
We kick it with "Digital Underground" with 2 of the hottest tunes from the late 80?s
Then start zig zaging back and forth for a Trans-Atlantic B-Boy Battle of B-Boy anthems reworked Dj Phantom & UK's Deadly Avenger..
Picking up the pace to make you sweat with 3 massive early rave tunes from Indo Tribe, M.A.N.IC & Ramjac, when hardcore rave was still a breakbeat.
To finish a beautiful re-edit/remix of Grace Jones "Slave To The Rhythm" that will have you humming for days..


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