Blair aka brother b likes to keep it fresh! Diggin'out rarities from his extensive collection to laying down his idea of groove!

Playlist 24/04/06

1. Roy Ayers Sugar (Joey Negro Remix) [bbe]
2. Roy Ayers Liquid Love (Alec Blacc Latin Remix) [bbe]
3. Eddie Kendricks Keep on Trucking (Tom Moulton Mix) [Soul Jazz]
4. Clara Lewis Needing You (Tom Moulton Mix) [Soul Jazz]
5. Isaac Hayes Moonlight Loving (Tom Moulton Mix) [Soul Jazz]
6. Grace Jones La Vie En Rose (Tom Moulton Mix) [Soul Jazz]
7. Harlem Pop Trotters Mocassin [les treteaux international]
8. Gotan Project Diferente [Iya Basta]
9. Gotan Project Tango Cancion [Iya Basta]
10. Javier Ruibal Por La Pueta De Elvira [Riverboat]
11. Camaron y Tomatito La Vara De Los Chalanes [Polygram]

Well this weeks show was a little late, apologies but it is not without good reason. That being I have been out watching the Rip Curl Surf Classics so got a bit distracted. But I promise to make up for it. This week I have a special "disco" edition of Constant Time. Soul Jazz has just released a double album of Tom Moutlon mixes! So you can understand my excitement. Tom Moulton is credited as being the man who invernted the extended 12" mix in the 70s so I thought to play a 40 minute set of his as well as drag out some more off the new Roy Ayers remix album. The second half of the program showcases a few tracks off the new Gotan Project and some treats out of Iberia including a number from Camaron and Tomatito from a concert in Seville in 1987 I was priveleged enough to attend. So sit back and dust off those flares for a disco inferno mix down.


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