Roots & future drum&bass. With a diverse selection from dancefloor fillers to dub rumblers - a show for the real Headz out there.

Playlist 15/05/06

1. peshay represent [meth 002 ]
2. dillinja the angels fell [meth 006 ]
3. photek the rain [meth 008 ]
4. hidden agenda on the roof [meth 009 ]
5. photek conciousness [meth 008 ]
6. adam f metropolis [meth 023 ]
7. ed rush density [meth 024 ]
8. lemon d what's up? [meth box 001 ]
9. digital mission accomplished [razors edge 006 ]
10. doc scott swarm [meth box 001 ]
11. optical to shape the future (remix) [meth box 001 ]
12. photek neptune [meth box 001]

This week's edition of Terrain Radio is mixed by Seven ( Now it's a known truth that Joe Seven is one of Metalheadz' biggest fans. So there was no one better qualified to present The Metalheadz Special Volume 2. Moving along in roughly chronological order (Seven even listed the catalogue numbers!) from around 1994 to about 1997 - this mix moves smoothly thru the atmospheric & deep side of Metalheadz thru to the straight-up dark soldiers. Highlights of the set? They're all highlights really but it's hard to miss the detailed genius that is Dillinja's "Angels Fell", Adam F's "Metropolis" & Optical's "To Shape The Future Remix"


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