Melbourne waves. Spacial manipulation of sound.

Playlist 29/05/06

1. Alley Forge muscle & grit [clana anlogue rec.]
2. Bushman robbery aggrivation [greensleeves]
3. Infallible still pussywhipped [taos records]
4. Fink biscuits [ninja tunes]
5. Brian Ferry slave to love [eg music]
6. Vusi Mahlasela entini wanabe [ ato records]
7. Gnarls Barkley just a thought [warner bros.]
8. Matmos sex for boyd mcdonald [matador]
9. Innaway follow moon [some ]
10. Chris Abrahams can of faces [room 40]
11. Nathan Fake you are here [border community]
12. Dj Spooky b side wins [thirsty ear]
13. Matmos tract for valerie solanas [matador]

Electronic dub to reggae roots level hip hop lyrisist & boy with biscuits

roxy music man & the voice of south africa

danger mouse with left field experimental electronic to californian guitars

- blissful piano & computer funk messages overshadowed by dj spooky & his

drums of death...


As far as I know, I am not a robot.