One World Music head honcho Leigh Wood brings us this beautiful mix of Eastern and Western musical influences with a traditional and modern take.

Playlist Leigh Wood

1. Pufff Dragon Sazanami [Dakinis Records]
2. Visti and Meyland Banjul (dub mix) [Music for Dreams]
3. Gaudi Ayajuasca deep fall [Interchill]
4. Dj Bootsie Horseriders Towards the Abyss [Ugar Records]
5. Karsh Kale Dancing at Sunset [Six Degrees Records]
6. Niyaz Dilruba (junkie XL remix) [Six Degrees Records]
7. Adham Shaikh Opal [Sonic Turtle]
8. Kaya Project Harem Bizarre [One World Music]
9. Angel Tears Ray Del Mondo [/Lovecat]
10. Amanaska Make it Better [One World Music]

Global sounds, downtempo electronica, world beats, all good tunes.


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