The dance floor tracks you hear on "Spank Da Bass" are going to contain that sub sonic element, but it's the other kooky left field things that will amaze and stun you...

Playlist 30/05/06

1. Dj killer somekinda heaven [functional]
2. Stereo 8 stamina [finger lickin]
3. Chemical brothers electrobank remix [CDR]
4. Passion the the knife [hussle]
5. Meat Katie & elite force Feat roland Clarke divine [shock]
6. Touch & tell passport control [weird world recordings *]
7. Touch & tell toupor [weird world recordings *]
8. Wicked lester in the pocket [twenty HZ]
9. Who made who out the door [gomma]
10. Zombie nation money talks [UKW ]
11. KAOS feel like I feel [K7]
12. muscle dolphin licks [muscle music *]

In this edition of "Spank Da Bass" we kick with a bunch pre-release of digital downloads form Dj killer "functional", Stereo 8 "finger lickin" & chemical brothers
With some crazy new beats from Meat Katie, wicked Lester ..
Plus some un-released Aussie tunes from Touch & Tell.. "passport control & Tourar" & Muscle Music "Dolphin Licks"
Not to mention a killer tune from Zombie Nation "Money Talks".. Crank this one up loud you will see the production on this tune is amazing..!
Just remember its all about the B-Line (Bass-Line) so spank it ..!!

* denotes Aust/NZ recordings


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