All the way from Sao Paolo., Brazil meet the boys responsable for furthering the I Love Baile Funk phenomena!!

Sujinho and Cassiano (Nossa)
The rising stars of music’s new free-for-all scene, New York based DJs and producers Sujinho and Cassiano are working their asses off so you can dance off yours. Each other’s right hand man since Cassiano moved from his native Brazil and took up residence in Brooklyn with the one they call “Little Dirt,” Sujinho and Cassiano have been pushing the limits of electronic music for years.

But 2005 saw the game really start to change. Commandeering the Baile Funk boom in New York, the duo launched Favela Clash, NYC’s first and only regular Baile Funk party in the summer of 2005. Simultaneously, they dropped I Love Baile Funk the seminal mixtape that caught the world’s notice. In effortlessly blending and re-twisting Rio Funk with everything from Houston Rap, London Grime, B’More Shake, Kingston Dancehall and NYC Hip Hop, they put Baile Funk into a context that caused a lot of people to finally be like “Oh shit – now I get it!” Rating it 3.5 of 4 stars, URB Magazine called I Love Baile Funk a “Banging juxtaposition of throwback and lurch forward soundclash, the strange kind of mutation that occurs when American music funnels into more isolated countries and mingles with the sounds of the jungle – Fascinating.” BPM Magazine named I Love Baile Funk an “essential listen” in their Baile Funk issue.


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