Melbourne waves. Spacial manipulation of sound.

Playlist 14/06/06

1. fela kuti shufferin & schmilin [wrasse records]
2. spank rock what it look like [big dada]
3. agency dub collective light it up in dub
4. sister nancy bam bam [ultimate dilemma]
5. brooklyn funk essentials dilly dally [gema]
6. cellula mute testimony [cellula]
7. yeah yeah yeahs gold lion [interscope ]
8. terry callier its about time [prestige]
9. midlake young bride [speaknspellmusic]
10. the dears /ticket to immortality [speaknspellmusic]
11. susheela raman chordhiya [narada / virgin]
12. paleface say what you want [rough trade]
13. deltron 3030 positive contact [75 ark ]

nigerian afro jazz bliss with words from the baltimore hipsters & delcious dub from australia

reggae songstress & new york phunksters to experimental electronica & sweet rock out

follow the folk jazz mystic to american psych rock...hindu gazin’...deeeelicious u.s. anti folk

fadin’ intergalactic journey...


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