World-psy-dub to chill up or warm down to - surrounded by core provoking bass and vocals. For all those who groove comfortably from inside-out.

Playlist 14/06/06

1. Winduptoys Windupdub [Clan Analogue]
2. Kate Wax Beetles & Spider [Mental Groove]
3. James Holden Lump [Resist Music]
4. AM Amen Break [Melbourne White Label]
5. Matmos Steam & Sequins
6. Hipp-E (Wiggle Mix) Darkness Brovas [Fabric 28]
7. Corrie (Wiggle Mix) Some Bizarre [Fabric 28]
8. Each Martinez Remix [Broken bitch]
9. Swiss Kings of Finns Joachim's gonna kill me [Red Bull GmbH]
10. Decoy Rainmaker
11. Bruno Pronsato Open your eyes
12. Kate Wax Pleasure Zone [Mental Groove]
13. Anne Garner That Place [Psychonavigation Records]
14. Ammon Contact Earth's Children (Featuring Mia Doi dodd) [Ninja Tune]

We go all glitchy and harder on the tempo this session in the Undercurrents. Think creeping basslines ...warped vocals...strangled synths...wicked white labels...and wild horns that leech on to your soul and make you go ouch! that feels good.


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