Michael doesn't know any stylistic boundaries as long as it is soulful, interesting, fresh and of musical value!

Playlist 16/06/06

1. Instant Funk Wide World Of Sports [ Salsoul - XL14112]
2. Charivari Psycho Samba [ Downsall - DSL033]
3. Jorge Ben Sou Da Pesada/7 Samurai Afroraduno Mix [ Deja Vu - DJV3000008]
4. Stee Downes Obviously/Acoustic Version [ soulsearching exclusive - N/A]
AUSTRALIA represented by Blair Stafford aka Brohter B(straightup.com.au)
6. Masters Apprentices Rio De Camero [ Basement Digs - N/A]
7. Socceroos Rap, go , Australia , go!
8. Le Scratch Funk The Go Off [ MPM - 020]
9. Matthias Heilbronn Brombombique [ Candela - N/A]
10. Beatfanatic Let us Pray [ Soundscape - N/a]
11. Deepchild vs Gauche Mutual Sigh [ Future Classic - N/A]
12. Boca 45 The Countdown [ Invada - N/a]
14. Fleetwood Mac Tusk [ Warner Brothers - WB66088]
15. Sandra Cross Aqua De Beber/KJM's Bossa'n'Bass [ Pioneer - CIJP0001]
Eddy Ramich on the phone, words about football & music.
CROATIA represented by EDDY RAMICH/kontrapunkt zagreb
18. Zumen Man Do Para [Raw Fusion - Test]
19. Tantan Fare You Well/Desha's Mix [ 4Lux - White]
20. Unknown Supersticious/Domu Mix [ White]
21. Zero db A Pomba Girou [ Ninja Tune - N/A]
22. DJ Technique Gabryelle/Spiritual South Mix [ White]
23. Ed Motta E Muita Gig Vei/MDCL Mix [ Ether - White]
25. The Roots Don't Feel Right/Instrumental [ DefJam - DEFR16546-1]
ENGLAND represented by DJ LACERATE/for Far Out Records london
A Far Out vinyl production mixed by DJ Lacerate
28. DJ Lacerate Introduction
29. Grupo Batuque Batucada Maneira/Ennio Styles Main Mix [Far Out White]
30. Grupo Batuque E-Ruim [ Far Out - FARO107LP]
31. Os Ipanemas Berimbau [ CBS - N/A]
32. Tamba Trio Lamento Negro [ RCA - N/A]
33. Vox Populi Domingo [ Musidisc Brazil - N/A]
34. Joe 90 Barry Gray [ Sequel Records - N/A]
35. Family Tree Family Tree/Norman Cook Disco Edit [ EMI - N/A]
36. Da Lata Ponteio/Bonus Beats [ Far Out - N/A]
37. Democustico Brazil/Smoking Batucada [ Far Out - N/A]
38. Antonio Adolfo, Brazil & Brazuka Luisao [ Far Out - N/A]
Samples and commentary from Grupo Batuque 'Ole Ola Futebol Bonita'

very hectic times, when you realize that you become a BIG football fan before and then especially during the worldcup! many cool matches, the "big" ones not soooo good, but its always the "outsider" teams makin' the world cup a celebration of football.
and really on top of that its the various cultures comin together for 1 month!
that's what its all about here at the soulsearching worldcup 2006 as well - so this week i changed the rules a bit and 3 teams are now playing (sic!) as there are too many, at least 18 mixes comin up - - - the line up for this show:
AUSTRALIA represented by brother b aka blair stafford from straightup.com.au, one of the syndicated soulsearching online stations - socceroos galore! a big dankeschoen!
CROATIA represented OF COURSE by one of the biggest football fans i know: eddy ramich, one half of eddy meets yannah - as its not brazilian beats only the man takes us on a journey through latest and real fresh broken beats with a touch of percussive elements in there as well.
and almost needless to say - with his very own perfect mixing skills. thanks very much, eddy!
ENGLAND represented by dj lacerate, a hiphop supremo dj, who was hired by joe davis and duncan ballantyne of far out recordings to turn those brazilian beats upside down with tons of scratches, wow!!!! big up from frankfurt !
remember, you decide at the end , who wins! so send me an email at radio@soulpatrol.de and choose your winner.very difficult , i know , as they are all delivering ace mixes.

next weeks teams:


a brief shout to all who made it to last weekends contre temps festival in mulhouse. special merci biens to jeff, tal stef, arthur and all the crew! enjoyed that! soil & pimp at the very end was magic!


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