Melbourne waves. Spacial manipulation of sound.

Playlist 26/06/06

1. wind up toys windup dub [ clan analogue]
2. sol seppy 1 2 [gronland ]
3. sonic youth reena [geffen]
4. giuseppe lelasi untitled track 4 [hapna]
5. leafcutter john let it begin [staubgold ]
6. melatonin boozin by the bayou [melatonin]
7. ziggy marley dragonfly [rca/bmg music ]
8. the mighty diamonds what a crazy world [ music clue]
9. people under the stairs pass the [earshot]
10. mekon gse [wall of sound]
11. matisyahu chom ‘em down [sony]
12. reberbaphon nothin beyond zero [anominous records]
13. herbert movie star [ k7]

Australian electronic beauty to new york’s magical sophie & then sonic youth who precede

italian avant guitarist giuseppe & experimentalist leafcutter to australian dub scoundrels &

then son of bob & rita with reggae harmonic trio to l.a. hip hop duo who funk the beats...

the blueprint for dance music followed by jewish home boy of impeccable taste & the boy who refuses to be bracketed musically...electro funk supremo on his subtle side...


As far as I know, I am not a robot.