Straightup presents Glaswegian Beatonik head honcho D.E.K with this super funky mix he did for Ninja Tunes radio program Solid Steel. Gordon was generous enough to throw us the mix as well.

Playlist D.E.K Beatonic

1. Ch3vy 'Praise The Nord (Boca 45 Remix)' [Catskills]
2. Red Astaire 'Rockin With The…' [GAMM]
3. Players 'What Your Problem(Martin Brew Remix)' [Discoteque Production]
4. FK1000 'Toots' [White]
5. Secret Stealth 'Stealth' [Bocajito]
6. Mr Blennd 'A Message to O.D.B' [Rhythm'n'Booze]
7. Geriba 'Guaranteed' [Funk Weapons]
8. FK1000 'Roots' [White]
9. Lefties Soul Connection 'Organ Donor' [Melting Pot]
10. Jeanette Williams 'Stuff' [Back Beat]
11. Natural Self feat. Alice Russell 'I Don't Need This Trouble' [Breakin Bread]
12. Smalltown DJs 'Rebel Radio' [Hai Karate]
13. Asayake Production 'Rock Up' [High Contrast]
14. Smoove 'Big Balls' [Record Kicks]
15. A-KO 'Chicago' [Melting Pot]
16. Cookin On 3 Burners 'Gravel Rash' [Freestyle]
17. Flying Fish 'Mr Matatwe' [Skyline]
18. Jon Kennedy 'Something Like This [Aldo Vanucci mix]


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