A long awaited set put together by Melbourne's Panika. A special blend of hip hop beats, environmental and politically inspired lyrics and a hell of a lot of fun.

All up a beautiful trip into the universe of Panika concluding with a 10 minute interview conducted by straightup's Nicole Findlay. Panika is a melbourne based electro-hip hopper who has spent the last year mac-top- DJing around Melbourne, and working with other like-minded hiphopheads like DJ noir and El-fee from LABJACD to produce high energy live shows.

panika's latest release, "genetically modified" is a melting pot of sizzling australian electro-hip hop lushness. Once again, never afraid to voice an opinion, panika slides through issues of life, love, living and all that comes in between through a blend of hip hop, drum n bass and electro squelch beats. Recorded in a 1970s unit and released thru her own indie label, Payne Street Records, this album is a truly underground experience (now available in all good stores).



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