Clare Large is one of the UKs most hardworking, dedicated and exciting DJs. She was introduced to music aged 8 when she started playing the harp.

Playlist Clare Large

1. Sirius B High and Dry [Future World Funk]
2. Unknown Unknown [ Compost 100 Compilation]
3. Unknown Unknown [from Compost 100 Compilation]
4. Mr. Gone I Love Jazz (DJ Spock's ReMash) [Internal Bass]
5. Unknown Unknown [White]
6. Heavy Deviance Eastern Lights [Mint Source]
7. Unknown Unknown [?]
8. Unknown Unknown [?]
9. Mr. Gone Just Listen to the Record [Internal Bass]
10. Unknown Unknown [from Compost 100 Compilation]
11. Unknown Unknown [?]
12. Unknown Unknown [?]
13. Mr. Gone Equation: Boogie [Internal Bass]

Clare started going to raves in Cornwall, England in 94 aged 14 which later inspired her to start DJing and create her own style. She's played at all kinds of clubs, bars, radio shows, afterhours,free parties, festivals and unusual parties around the world, and lined up with the best in the business. She's played on and organised many extensive tours of America, Bulgaria, Canada, Mexico and India, and has also undertaken sponsored tours, day events and promotions in addition to occasional own nights and her residencies.

Clare's open minded attitude embracing all styles of music makes her incredibly versatile. She can play a huge variety of sets; from a 10+ hour chill out set to peak time hard techno, and pretty much anything in between...she welcomes the variety and has the record collection to back it up! She's best known for relentless, slamming and quirky techno, and also plays tech, deep, jazzy and funky house, progressive, breaks and electro. In addition to this, she really loves eclectic broken beat and nu-jazz sets, with downtempo, lounge and ambient/chill out. Occasional drum and bass sets are not out of the question either!

Here she goes all jazzy on our ass!


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