Melbourne waves. Spacial manipulation of sound.

Playlist 26/07/06

1. busi mholongo khula tshi tshi lani [chissa records]
2. the congos citizen of the world [explorer recordings]
3. extra golden osama rach [thrill jockey ]
4. gotye the only way [cvi]
5. amen andrews (luke vibert) london [cat]
6. luciano pavarotti il canto [decca]
7. the necks fatal [sh of milk]
8. the black heart procession the fix [touch & go]
9. the black heart procession the spell [touch & go]
10. larry maluma wemunandi [safari music]
11. casper pound & jammin’ unit elecronic dub [rising high records]
12. dj olive guerila bay [agriculture ]

south african zulu queen to roots reggae falsetto & trans continental beauty australian electro phunk diversity rearin’ up to junglist/breakbeat bounty extraordinary operatic upper register tenor & jazz bent grooves with u.s. boys bewitchin a spell & african/australian friends smilin’ keenly on the muse(s) of delicious dub before seekin’ guerillas in the electronic mist


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