Melbourne waves. Spacial manipulation of sound.

Playlist 22/08/06

1. orange blossom maldito (cursed) [wrasse records ]
2. to rococo rot numbers in love [soulstatic sound]
3. the hold steady barfruit blues [frenchkiss records ]
4. wolf & cub hammond [dot dash]
5. hermitude nightfall’s messenger [elefant tracks ]
6. tom waits everything goes to hell [anti]
7. the fumes oh my baby [silent parymer rec.]
8. the now time degation layin on the ground [in the red]
9. the sensations if you don’t watch out [technique]
10. kid kurrupt coming back [in time music]
11. pigeon john freaks freaks [quannum]
12. bohren & de club of gore midnight black earth [ipecoc records]
13. bally sagoo funky rickshaw dub [echo beach]
14. pasobionic rocking chair [elefant tracks ]

french orange blossom to rococo your spirits

hold steady for wolf & cub & australian rap...

wait for tom to oh my baby layin on the ground...

if you don’t watch out kid kurrupt is comin’ back

with freaks & gore to rickshaw some indian dub in the rockin’ chair...


As far as I know, I am not a robot.