World-psy-dub to chill up or warm down to - surrounded by core provoking bass and vocals. For all those who groove comfortably from inside-out.

Playlist 22/08/06

1. OrangeBlossom SoulFrance
2. Module Mango Power
3. Chilled C_quence In a row
4. Freeland Burn the Clock_Original Mix
5. Mood Deluxe Closer
6. Hi Fidelity Ski Fi
7. Shiloh Vista Cruz
8. Flow Job Everland Airport
9. Concord Dawn Blow
10. Freq Brazil
11. Concord Dawn Say your Words feat Hollie Smith
12. Crowd Control Ivory Town
13. Hess is More Ding Pong Kling Yang
14. Rumpistol vs Tusnelda Free Fall

This mix is all about chilled beats, progressive bangers, and downbeat drum n bass. Get yourself comfy, bevvy in hand, and headphones locked on. Around the twenty minute mark have a stretch, then nearing the middle you should be up for a bit of a boogie. Make sure you?ve got some time to kill with this one.


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