Melbourne waves. Spacial manipulation of sound.

Playlist 20/09/06

1. calamalka tabla purists [plug research]
2. midnite on [ i grade records]
3. mos def bedstay parade [geffen ]
4. minotaur shock vigo bay [4ad ]
5. the isles yin’ under cheap kites [melodic]
6. cyann & ben damaged memory [ever]
7. inga liljestrom from russia with love [groovescooter]
8. benni hamm hamm beugia og beygia ku ui pro [morr music]
9. leave land for water frangipani fumes & cosmetics [sink & stove records]
10. rose turtle ertler ladybird [rose ertler]
11. j dill wont do [bbe]
12. all good funk alliance superjam [nger lickin records]
13. musika manjaro kokoriko [rhthym africa ]
14. chk chk chk dear san [touch n go]

vancouber dub wise to reggae blissfulness with brooklyn rapper tappin to

electronic bay and new york popsters feelin for post rock parisians...

james bond theme with a magical difference and icelandic melodies fallin’ for

bristol boys who love a ukelele with detroit hip hop over chasin’ way fine phunk...

africa australia & u.s. boys with


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