Blair aka brother b likes to keep it fresh! Diggin'out rarities from his extensive collection to laying down his idea of groove!

Playlist 20/09/06

1. Charles Hall Song of the Sea [Basement Digs]
2. Radio Citizen El Cielo [Ubiquity]
3. Henry Taripe Mururoa [Sugarlicks]
4. Nat Rose Mana Wahine [Sugarlicks]
5. Natalie Williams Psychedelic Love [Eastside Records]
6. Vikter Duplaix Stimulation [BBE]
7. International Peoples Gang This One [em:t records]
8. Freddie Kruger aka Red Astaire Running From Love feat ADL [Rawfusion]
9. Sorry Sorry Femi Kuti (Old School Afro Mix) [CDR]
10. Afro Disco Beat Tony Allen [CDR]
11. Samba Consum Sumo [CDR]
12. Grupo Batuque Afro Black (Tony Allen Remix) [Far Out Recordings]
13. 4 Hero Les Fleur [Sonar Kollektiv]
14. Boca 45 Vertigo [Invada]

So hi and am back from holidays. No words from me this week; somehow my microphone stopped working while I was away??? So I have taken the opportunity to throw together a voiceless show with heaps of tunes. The great thing about being away for so long is I came back to a pack of new releases and have the opportunity to go through them and find the cream of the bunch. The starts with some classic old Australian funk in the guise of Charles the First and finishes with a new release from Boca 45, who is currently touring. The rest is a mix of downtempo new releases and up beat Afro and Brazilian. A lot of things i was listening to while I was away on the beaches and others ... Enjoy. Peace!


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