Breaks master currently touring our shores.

Playlist Ils

1. world is yours rmx ils [white label]
2. greyhound 2006 ils [white label]
3. no soul 2006 ils [white label]
4. sax tune ils [white label]
5. u r here (ils rmx) atomic hooligan [botchit]
6. about that time 2006 ils [white label]
7. stop what (ils rmx) santos [distinctive]
8. angels (santos rmx) ils [distinctive]
9. blaze a trail ivory [rat records]
10. hard drugs distortionz [white label]
11. kung fu funk ctrl z [hardcore beats]
12. storm from east ils [distinctive]
13. baba oriley ils [distinctive/unrealsed]
14. next level prt2 ils [white label]
15. loving you (atomic rmx) ils [distinctive]

Touring Australia September – October 2006
Melb – Thursday 28th September - The Espy
Syd – Friday 29th September - Break Inn’ at Slip Inn
Perth – Sun 1st Oct - Spring Fever’ festival at The Freemantle Arts Centre.

With an extensive discography spanning several years, some of the most groundbreaking tunes in dance music under his belt and a musical history which encompasses every aspect of production, engineering and DJing, Ils is one of breakbeats leading lights.

Born and raised in London, Ils discovered early on that making music was the way forward. From the age of 14 he played guitar in funk groups, honing the skills and energy that would one day lead him to his current career convinced that music was the way forward, but not wanting to be tied down by increasingly unreliable fellow band members, he invested in a sampler on the day they hit the shelves and began taking matters into his own hands. A chance meeting in a pub with some Scottish sound engineers led Ils to experiment further with sampling and MIDI techniques, and within two years (at the tender age of 19) hed embarked upon training courses and secured a grant to set up his own studio.

Ils was soon noticed by LTJ Bukem who would drop by every couple of weeks to see the pre-production work being done with Ils in conjunction with up-and-coming and more established drum and bass DJs, who would use the facilities to put their own tunes together. The Bukem connection led to four singles being released on Good Lookin Records in conjunction with some of these artists.

Ils put some of his ideas into an album for emerging breaks label Fuel the result, 'Idiots Behind the Wheel', was hailed as the first proper nu-skool breaks album. With tracks pulled out for compilations and mixes like Adam Freelands 'Coastal Breaks 2 album, Ils deserved success grew. 'Idiots Behind the Wheel - with its blend of cinematic funk, tough beats and atmosphere-soaked string and jazz elements stands up today as one of the most essential breaks albums ever.

Naturally, success follows success, and the next few years saw Ils hooking up with Marine Parade for the release of his second album 'Soul Trader' the key single from which, '6 Space/Next Level', was chosen to soundtrack a critically-acclaimed Orange ad. (The b-side of this single, Music, was remixed and released by the Brighton imprint too, with the Evil Nine mix continuing to tear up dancefloors a good year and a half after it originally came out and which today still sounds as fresh as ever). More advertising work, continued support from Freeland in DJ sets and mix albums, and extensive touring around Europe and the US followed.

'Bohemia' , Ils third studio album Distinctive Records was one of the most talked about albums of 2005. With the same kind of musical integrity seen in the first two releases but a much harder and more lush dance floor edge, 'Bohemia' shattered expectations as to what a credible breaks album sounds like. Strings and sub-bass combine with gorgeous vocals from Bulgarian singers Desi and Roni, and with production support from Wizard and long time breaks collaborator Donna Dee. Further vocals come courtesy of Wonda and Rhalia.


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