Melbourne waves. Spacial manipulation of sound.

Playlist 02/10/06

1. bodycode equidistant [spectral sound]
2. the whitest boy alive don’t give up [ k7]
3. gb3 famished [rubber records]
4. boozoo bajou back up [k7]
5. african roots addis ababa dub [wackies]
6. thomas mapfumo mrudzi nemerudzi [real world records]
7. neil hansard and markita irglova drown out [plateau records]
8. swazak accoustique parallel [k7 ]
9. thomas schumacher take leave [spiel zeug]
10. death in june death of the west [leprosy discs]
11. jerry hittler & friends asmara dub [city line records]

glitchy fragile electro & norwegian pop sweetness...steve kilby flows to

dubwise african roots & to zimbabwe for political sensibility...

frames boy collaboratin’ czech wise with shimmerin effect then chasin

swayzak who lets the tempo lift further before industrial folk keeps

the dub beauty flowin’...


As far as I know, I am not a robot.