Straight outa France with special blend of soul/hip hop and broken beat. KM3 hits Australian shores!

Playlist KM3

1. Spymusic 'Phone Skit' [ DMS Country]
2. Mia Doi Todd 'My Room Is White (Flying Lotus Remix)' [ Plug Research]
3. Blackmonk 'Truth And Soul' [ Poobah Music]
4. MF Doom 'One Beer' [ Rhymesayers]
5. Cortex '8 octobre 1971' [ Sonodisc]
6. PIPS:laB 'Herfst Son' [ CDR]
7. Dabrye feat. MF Doom 'Air' [ Ghostly]
8. Exile feat. Ta'rach 'Move On'Em' [ sound In Color]
9. J Dilla 'Love (Instrumental)' [ BBE]
10. ShinSight Trio 'Kick Snare Hi Hat' [ Bad News Records]
11. Mitsu The Beats feat. Big Pooh & Phonte 'Feelin Alright' [ Planet Groove]
12. Tsutchie 'Numbernine [Back in TYO]' [ Samurai champloo Music]
13. Indigo Jam Unit 'Teardrop' [ Basis Records]
14. Phil More III and The Afro Latin Soultet introducing Leni Groves 'What Is Wrong With Grooving' [ (On our new re-edit label but still hesitating on the name ;) )]
15. Mr Thing 'Worldwide S___t' [ Silent Sounds]
16. Ill Dubio 'Beat' [ Soul Sociedad CDR]
17. Hipster Wonkaz 'Jupiter Jam' [ CDR]
18. Black Spade 'Message To The Hater' [ Blackspademusic]
19. Rednose Distrikt 'Clave' [ Kindred Spirits]
20. Circus feat. Lyric L and Motet 'I know U (Inverse Cinematics Remix)' [ Sunshine Enterprises]
21. KYroye 'The Meet' [ Faces]
22. Fela Kuti's Skit
23. Icasol feat. Capitol A 'Givin' It Up' [ Pulver]
24. Hipster Wonkaz 'Let's Swim' [ HW CDR]
25. Marvin Vs. WJK 'WANT U 2' [ Bling 47]
26. Marvin Vs. WJK 'Musiq' [ Bling 47]
27. Raw Produce 'Voicemail' [ Female Fun]

Fresh out of Paris, France comes broken beat/hip hop DJ KM3. This summer of love mix was thrown together for his current tour of Australia. See him at the Horse Shack in Melbourne on Thursday October 26th for a full blown session with Lanu and Brother B. Respect to the Frogs!


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