Roots & future drum&bass. With a diverse selection from dancefloor fillers to dub rumblers - a show for the real Headz out there.

Playlist 17/10/06

1. Calibre Take It Back [Soul:R]
2. Atlantic Connection Stituations [Dispatch]
3. DBridge & Fierce Nevermore [Quarantine]
4. Logistics Connect 4 [Hospital]
5. Commix Perfect Blue [Metalheadz]
6. Dj Trax Tomorrow's New Dawn (Commix Rmx) [Crisis]
7. Seba & Robert Manos Heaven Sent [Soul:R]
8. Klute Revolution [Shogun Audio]
9. Logistics Juno 6 [Hospital]
10. Break Evil Twin [Symmetry]
11. Commix Talk To Frank [Metalheadz]
12. DBridge Decibel Ridge [Metalheadz]
13. Seba & Crazy Nebula [Bassbin]

This week marks the handover of Terrain Radio to my good self; Joe Seven. Motive has done a runner for now but you can still catch the man on straightup with his new show under his side project - Loot.

If it's Drum and Bass your after though, you're in the right place. For my first show I've drawn for some music from artist's such as DBridge, Fierce, Commix, Klute, Logistics, Break and Calibre; The deeper side of the music is what to expect. Continuing the Radio Terrain series every two weeks, Ill be bringing you the very best of what Drum & Bass has to offer - old & new.


As far as I know, I am not a robot.