World-psy-dub to chill up or warm down to - surrounded by core provoking bass and vocals. For all those who groove comfortably from inside-out.

Playlist 18/10/06

1. Blend Reach Out [Independent]
2. Coda Secret Music [Silent Recordings]
3. Clark Night Knuckles [Warp Records]
4. AlexKid Back and Forth [F Communications]
5. Stellar Dendrites Desert Dwellers [2006]
6. Spiral System Joe Tuesday [Macro Records]
7. Coda Shoes Your Rhythm [Silent Recordings]
8. Astronomy Class Heatseeking Dub [Elefant Traks]
9. Kuba Be Love [Liquid Sound]
10. Mark Saunders Undercurrent Mix
11. Max Romeo Chase the Devil
12. Closer Musik No Gravity
13. Nouvelle Vague Too Drunk to fuck_Dead Kennedys [Peacefrog]
14. Kaya Project Dark Tabla [2006]
15. Shiloh Dream On_Original Mix [2006]
16. Young American Primitive These Waves
17. Mylo Destroy Rock n Roll
18. Alex Dolby Hazy Way_Evil Nine Mix
19. Beastie Boys Do it
20. Evil Nine Restless

In this session, Nicole goes back-2-back with other half Mark Saunders.

Nicole?s mix is a slipstream of provocative deep dark dub, while Mark?s is clanging with beats to surprise any juggler.

The trickledown effect from this Undercurrent mix offers a taste of things to come during the summer months in OZ.


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