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Playlist 28/10/06 w/ Andrew Hurley

1. Peven Everett - Power Soul Intro [Soul Heaven/Stomp]
2. Outlines - Listen to the Drums (Original Edit) [Sonar Kollektiv/Creative Vibes]
3. Herb LF - Miles (Soulphiction Remix) [Farside]
4. Miles Davis - Blue in Green [Columbia/Sony BMG]
5. Louis Van Dyke Trio feat Eddie Jefferson - So What [Sonorama/Creative Vibes]
6. Marcina Arnold - Forefathers [Counterpoint]
7. Brotherly - Searching [Monumental]
8. Cpen - Lover's Lounge (Cpen's Classic Mix) [Seasons]
9. Peven Everett - Futuristic [Soul Heaven/Stomp]
10. Jay-Z - Show Me What You Got [Roc-a-Fella/Universal]
11. Snoop Dogg - Get 2 Know Ya [MCA/Universal]
12. Raydar Ellis - You Know the Name [Brick]
13. Thunderball - Last Flight Out [ESL/Shock]
14. Moodorama - Space Cowboy [Mole/Stomp]
15. Amy Winehouse - Addicted [Island/Universal]
16. Brand New Heavies - I Don't Know Why I Love You (Tom Moulton Remix) [Delicious Vinyl]
17. Mya - Ayo [Motown/Universal]
18. Drumagick - A Night in Tunisia [Vinyl Vibes/Creative Vibes]
19. ANDREW HURLEY & JAZZ MEETS THE WORLD Albert Mangelsdorff - Now Jazz Raumwong [Amiga]
20. Hideo Shiraki Quintet - Sakura Sakura [Saba]
21. Hideo Shiraki Quintet - Yosakoi-Bushi [Saba]
22. Tony Scott & the Indonesian All-Stars - Djanger Bali [Saba]
23. Jazz Meets India - Yaad [Saba]
24. Albert Mangelsdorff, Colin Wilkie, Shirley Hart - Icy Acres [MPS]

Before Stylin came on the scene in 2001, I used to do a radio show with Andrew Hurley called 'Hipsters Avenue' (Japan's Minoru Yanai joined us for a while too). Andrew and I were both fans of the German Saba/MPS jazz releases of the 60s and 70s and especially the 'Jazz Meets the World' series. As a student and fluent speaker of German, Andrew was able to take this interest many steps further, culminating in a PhD thesis on the series and its producer Joachim E Berendt. Andrew is currently in talks with publishers for the release of his thesis as a book. In the meantime, until 4th November, you can see Andrew's exhibition 'Jazz Pope' (a reference to Berendt) at The Narrows, 141 Flinders Lane, with rare photos, album covers and other artifacts. This week's new album recommendations are Peven Everett's 'Power Soul', the cinematic lounge-beat of Moodorama's 'My Name is Madness' and some indie hip hop with Raydar Ellis' 'Late Pass'.


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