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Playlist 23/11/06

1. Isaac Hayes Ike's Mood I [Stax]
2. Dimlite Locked [Sonarkollektiv]
3. Breakout Planet Rock/Jazz Version [MPM Test]
4. [re:jazz] Gabrielle feat. Alice Russell [Infracom]
5. Dimlite Outernational Duet [Sonarkollektiv]
6. Taylor McFerrin Broken Vibes-Original [Rude002]
7. Lonnie Liston Smith Say You Love Me/Jazz Mix [Hitman Records]
8. Freddie Cruger feat. Linn Pretty Little Thing [Ubiquity]
10. D'Angelo Africa/Edit [OK Player]
11. Kelis Glow ft. Raphael Saadiq [Jive Records]
12. Dwele Poppa Yo [Virgin]
13. Stevie Wonder Golden Lady [Motown]
14. Jazzanova Dance The Dance [Sonar Kollektiv]
15. Reel People You Used To Hold Me/Phil Asher Remix [White]
16. Atjazz For Real/Version Remix [Innervisions]
17. Rebecca Pidgeon Learn To Pray/C.Webster's Download Mix [Miso Records]
18. Brooks Pre Dub [Mantis Recordings]
20. Aril Brikha Groove La Chord [Fragile ]
21. TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos Circus Bells/Technucada Mix [Compost Black]
22. Muallem Shanti Dance/Nick Chacona Mix [Compost White]
23. Karma Beach Towel/I:Cube Cosmix Marathon Mix [Compost White]
24. Quarion Play Your Part [Drumpoet Community White]

a bit late this week....apologies for that...but i had a great return to istanbul courtesy of the man yakuza, peter thomas, the vogue crew and radio oxigen last weekend...maybe i am back very soon. check my dj dates on our webpage.

this weeks show included a long time wishlist guest: martin atjazz, doin a free & easy inspiration special mix for soulsearching,
from d'angelo to stevie and hot new stuff by martin himself and brooks on mantis recordings. big thanks, check www.mantisrecordings.com and the new outlet www.toohotmusic.com for updates.

beginning of the show a touch of isaac hayes, the fantastic dimlite, new version of planet rock, alice russell doin gabrielle with re:jazz, and replays for taylor mcferrin and freddie cruger feat. linn plus a classic 80s jam by lonnie liston smith.
after the mix its been about time for a check on some new stuff on compost records, loads of 12s comin through by muallem, tj kong & nuno dos santos, karma, koop, black label, drumpoet community, .... compost now on myspace.com/compostrecords. join in.

and for next show - its gonna be the 9 years anniversary and you are asked to send in your requests for a special mix out of my box...jazz, soul, house, ...freestyle? big pure soulpatrol tunes? let me know and i will try my very best...warm up for the anniversary celebration on 25 november at hafen 2, cosmic funk special edition, soulpatrol all nite set.

enjoy the music,


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