Melbourne waves. Spacial manipulation of sound. Eclectic Pop to Tranced out dub, guitar rock to Roots rythms.

Playlist 30/11/06

1. Mariza Maria Lisboa [Capital]
2. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan My Heart My Life [Realworld]
3. Daara J Paris Dakar [Wrasse Records]
4. Daara J Hip Hop Civilisation [Wrasse Records]
5. Camille Au Port [Wrasse Records]
6. Susheela Raman Idi Samanam [Emi]
7. Inka Murka Blanco Palo Mita [Blackmarket Music]
8. Ladysmith Black Mambazo The Wonder of the World [Wrasse Records]
9. Myriam Faris Ha’le’arah Tak [Capital]
10. Youssou N’dour Shukram Bamba [Nonesuch]
11. Fela Kuti Sorry Sorry [Wrasse Records]
12. Nahawa Doumbia Fatien [Cobalt]

Global Warming features world rhythms…
sounds from across the planet to soothe & excite you...
africa..lebanon..pakistan..india..portugal..france & sunny australia... :-)


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