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Playlist 30/11/06

1. Jetone Post-Sum [Micro Blue/PloP]
2. Alog Violence And Magical Danger [Duck-Rabbit/Rune Grammafon]
3. Alva Noto + Opiate Track 03 [Optofiles/Raster-Noton]
4. Momus Spooky Kabuki [Oskar Tennis Champion/Analog Baroque Records]
5. Peter Cusack Floating Icicles Rocked by Waves [Baikal Ice (Spring 2003)/ReR]
6. Aoki Takamasa walk on the ocean [Simply Funk/One Owner Records + Progressive Form]
7. Jonathan Borofsky The Standard Chant Pt. 2 [Audio By Visual Artists/TELLUS 21]
8. Jem Finer Longplayer [Haunted Weather/Staubgold]
9. John Zorn One [Chimeras/Tzadik]
10. Evan Parker/Barry Guy/Paul Lytton Invariance [Imaginary Values/Maya Recordings]
11. Dean Roberts All cracked medias [Liquid Architecture 7]
12. Edgard Varese Poem Electronique (1958) [OHM the early gurus of electronic music/Ellipsis Arts]


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...let us know if you want some material for your show!

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