Dub / reggae styles,from vintage sweeties to fresh outernationals, concious heavy and crucial.

Playlist 30/11/06

1. Dennis Brown Want to be no general [blood and fire]
2. ranking dread general [ blood and fire]
3. prince alla youthman in the ghetto [ blood and fire]
4. freddie mc gregor freddie [heartbeat]
5. dobby dobson loving pauper [virgin]
6. gussie clarke loving pauper [motion]
7. carl bradney sliping into darkness [ blood and fire]
8. augustus pablo bells of death [jamaican gold]
9. bongo herman satta version [blood and fire]
10. prince mohammed rasta hammer them version [hungry town]
11. freddie mckay i'm a free man [pressure sounds]
12. alton and the flames cry tough [virgin]
13. the wailers concrete jungle [island]
14. tetrack only jah jah know [message]
15. lacksley castell johnny brown [negus roots]
16. dennis brown three meals a day [blood and fire]

classically roots listening over some old faves and other killers all re-issued and totally crucial.


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