Onur embraces a variety of nu-jazz, broken beat, funk, soul and modern sounds where jazz is the theme.

Playlist 12/12/06

1. Bulljun - Fat Morning, Central Park [Flatrock]
2. Nina Simone - Save Me (Coldcut Remix) [Legacy]
3. Raw Artistic Soul feat. Wunmi - Oya O (Afro Dub) [Gogo Music]
4. Palov and Mishkin - Dreadfunk [GAMM]
5. Nemoy - Afraw (Domu Mix) [Bonzzaj]
6. Telesfor - Twos (Original) [Pulver]
7. Buscemi - Lost [Capitol Grooves]
8. Bulljun - Nite Flyte with Bj [Flatrock]
9. Dj Day - It Still Ain't Hard To Tell [Milkcrate]

Sorry about the back
announcing.. I sold my vaio and bought an ibook and guess what! this
stupid machine has no any microphone input. Here again an another
stupid mic problem.. I am not joking.. this is absolutely true. :)


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