Tracks within contain that sub sonic element, the other kooky left field things within will amaze and stun.

Playlist 15/12/06

1. The Martin Brothers Stoopit [Dirty Brid]
2. Dj Flame When I Hear [Dubsided]
3. Spektrum Don’t Be Shy(speakerjunk remix) [Non Stop]
4. Herve I Am Alright [Dubsided]
5. Fat Boy Slim Champion Sound (Switch mix ) [Skint]
6. Heckmann Minimal Disco 1A [Minimal Disco 1]
7. Zombie Nation Booster [UKW]
8. Franz & Shape vs N.O.I.A The Man Who Paid Before [Relish]
9. GU I Feel Love [Heartbeat]
10. GU Chase [Heartbeat]
11. Trashtalk Tank Girl [Craft Music]
12. Bodyrox Yeah Yeah (D.Ramirez Mix) [Paradise]
13. CSS Alala (Princese Superstar mix) [Sub Pop]
14. Kaos feat Khan Cerebral Treolo [Kitsune]

In this edition of “Spank Da Bass” were gunna break ya speakers… well not really.. we just got kooky groovy stuff that’s gunna freak you out.. and make you shake ya money maker…
All brand new tunes.. so fresh you can still smell the steam from the vinyl press…..
That’s right 100% vinyl show…
Like most shows .. but its all super fresh.. so go buy um now.. there hot,,
Now ….. get up and dance… and …oh yeah… and get ya mamma to
Spank Da Bass…..


As far as I know, I am not a robot.