Blair Stafford aka brother b is fresh! Diggin'out rarities from his extensive collection to laying down his idea of groove!

Playlist 22/12/06

RIP Alice Coltrane
2. Alice Coltrane Journey In Satchinanda [Impulse]
3. John Coltrane Offering [Impulse]
4. Alice Coltrane Sita Ram [Impulse]
5. Alice Coltrane Isis and Osisis [Impulse]
7. Harold Alexander Mama Soul [Flying Dutchman]
8. Snax Immer So [fine Four]
9. Praful Wishful Walk [Therapy Recordings]
10. Clara Hill meets Georg Levin Just Paradise [Sonar Kollektiv]
11. Aloe Blacc Get Down [Ping Records]
12. Madlib The Payback [Stones Throw]
13. Dudley Perkins Falling [Stones Throw]
14. Dudley Perkins Wassup World [Stones Throw]
15. Koushik Be With [Stones Throw]
16. Rob Scott Afro Odyssey (Viajeros Negros) [Sunshine Enterprises]
17. The Juju Orchestra Do It Again (feat.Carolyn Leonhart & Robert Smith) [Agogo]
18. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra Kiss The Sky [Ubiquity]
19. Mister Speed Everybody Needs Somebody [Creative Vibes]
20. Diafrix Kanakasi (feat. Buba Kuyateh) [Diafrix]

It has been a glorious year for some and a distressing year for others; in need of a recharge we are going on break for three weeks, visiting friends, camping and road trips! So to you all thank you heaps for your support in 2006 and see you back here in 007 for some mighty shows!

My present to you all ~ Merry Xmas and come well into the new year! Like all good presents this one is wrapped tight so you have to listen up till the end to find out the true flavour. I am hopeful you will find it boogie fodder and agree the final track is a classic bit of Australian bush tucker. Like all good xmas stockings there is something for everyone; complete with a good dose of jazz, lashings of funk, hip hop, soul revisits and some classic afro beat. It's summertime downunder.

I too have decided against writing a track list for this mix as it is all about the music (ain't it always!) and not about studying the form guide.

Do excuse one or two sloppy mixes, this was recorded down live in a great hurry and thus did not clean it up. What the hell, tis party season there is always room for sloppiness at parties!

Peace out in 2007!

Would love to hear from more of you in the new year:


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