Roots & future drum&bass. With a diverse selection from dancefloor fillers to dub rumblers.

Playlist 22/12/06

1. Ill Logic & Raf Breakdance [Soul:R]
2. Instra:mental Naked Zoo [Soul:R]
3. Mist:ical Eject [Soul:R]
4. Martyn Cloud Convention [Bassbin]
5. Rufige Kru Special Request [Metalheadz]
6. Rufige Kru Vanilla [Metalheadz]
7. Verse & Sp Border Patrol [Crunch]
8. Icicle Long Lost [Avalanche]
9. Amit Suicide Bomber [Commercial Suicide]
10. Mist:ical Feat. DRS 11th Hour [Soul:R]
11. Rufige Kru Malice In Wonderland [Metalheadz]

Here it is, the last Radio Terrain for 2006. Drum & Bass is as popular as ever this year and its spreading far and wide accross the globe. Some sceptics might say " it all sounds the same!" or "its just too fast, too stupid and just appeals to raver kids!" or my favourite; "its not like it used to be.." Weeeelll, that may be true, but there are still producers out there making some really good music, and capturing the spirit of the mid - late 90's. This mix is a little snapshot of that music, a mixture of the old guard; Goldie, Marcus Intalex & ST Files and a newer crop of producers who all challenge the way Drum & Bass is percieved.

Id like to thank Brother B and all at, Dan "Stay Puffed" Feary, Goldie for the cd and everybody who has tuned in to the show this year. Have a very merry Christmas & watch out for Radio Terrain in the New Year;)

Joe Seven's Top 5 Releases from 06:

1) Anything & Everything on Metalheadz!
2) Tactile//Aldabra (Commix Rmx)//Dispatch
3) Breakage//This Too Shall Pass LP//Bassbin
4) Seba & Krazy//Nebula//Bassbin
5) DAT:Music Series on Soul:R


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