Melbourne waves. Spacial manipulation of sound.

Playlist 15/11/05

1. like a hologram susanne brokesch [emerald stars ]
2. au port camille [le fil ]
3. tree or no to be the tenniscoats [we are everyone ]
4. from which i came a magic world the eels [blinking lights & other revelations ]
5. ogres pest [all out fall out ]
6. arched maid via rdj afx [hangable auto bulb ]
7. peacock tail boards of canada [the campfire headphase ]
8. all night damian marley [welcome to jamrock ]
9. makani angu larry maluma [makani angu ]
10. funky dollar bill funkadelic [single ]
11. my pen & pad blackalicious [the craft ]
12. dot to dot oblong data [music vs physics ]
13. masha qrella feels like [unsolved remained ]
14. insane asylum diamanda galas [the singer ]
15. the ghosts you draw on my back mum [summer make good ]
16. ooops lithops [uni umit ]

Covering a crafty selection of tunes, Sam g does justice to the concept of eclectic sound selection.


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