Onur embraces a variety of nu-jazz, broken beat, funk, soul and modern sounds where jazz is the theme.

Playlist 15/01/07

1. Moe Koffman Days Gone By (Egyptology) [Janus]
2. Fertile Ground Black Is [Blackout Studios/Counterpoint]
3. Jerzy Milian Wsrod Pampasow [JCR]
4. Tenorio Jr. Nebulosa [Fonografica]
5. Noon Be Hind [Teeto]
6. World Famous Sound Sniper In Sri Lanka [Disorient]
7. Daisuke Tanabe CNST [Fluid Ounce]
8. Dj Duct Gin [Libyus]
9. Kero One In All The Wrong Places [Plug Label]
10. Picassoman All On My Nurves [Planet Groove]

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