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Playlist 18/01/07

RIP Alice Coltrane
2. Alice Coltrane Journey In Satchinanda [Impulse]
3. John Coltrane Offering [Impulse]
4. Alice Coltrane Sita Ram [Impulse]
5. Alice Coltrane Isis and Osisis [Impulse]
7. Harold Alexander Mama Soul [Flying Dutchman]
8. Snax Immer So [fine Four]
9. Praful Wishful Walk [Therapy Recordings]
10. Clara Hill meets Georg Levin Just Paradise [Sonar Kollektiv]
11. Aloe Blacc Get Down [Ping Records]
12. Madlib The Payback [Stones Throw]
13. Dudley Perkins Falling [Stones Throw]
14. Dudley Perkins Wassup World [Stones Throw]
15. Koushik Be With [Stones Throw]
16. Rob Scott Afro Odyssey (Viajeros Negros) [Sunshine Enterprises]
17. The Juju Orchestra Do It Again (feat.Carolyn Leonhart & Robert Smith) [Agogo]
18. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra Kiss The Sky [Ubiquity]
19. Mister Speed Everybody Needs Somebody [Creative Vibes]
20. Diafrix Kanakasi (feat. Buba Kuyateh) [Diafrix]

Well the year is definently well and truly on the go. But first up a sad piece of news with the passing of the great pianist/keyboardist/harpist and spiritual protaganist of jazz, Alice Coltrane. I pay special tribute to her career with the first half hour of the show dedicated to her. Bless for the inspiration.

With the year under way and a few new releases to play through I have done away with the idea of the best of 2006 and have left that to my more experienced colleagues. Instead I have simply put together a show that reflects the 40 degree heat that we seem to be living in each summer now; with new tunes from Berlin resident and former collaborator with Jamie Lidell and Peaches, Snax off his Love Pollution album as well as a new tune of Shawn Lee's latest offering Voices and Choices. The show finishes with two new Australian releases from Mister Speed and Diafrix. Diafrix are stirring the pot of Hip Hop down here with most of the lads being migrants to Melbourne from Africa and including live African percussion and instrumentation heavily in their production. Respect!

I wish all a very happy, healthy and blessed 007 and look forward to seeing you in the course of playing around the country.

This year will see a lot of action from different straightup DJs with releases from the likes of Lanu and Matt D coming up in the next few months to name a few. So keep your ears out for those.



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